Coach Hector is the best coach anyone could ask for. He has taught me everything I know about boxing and the commitment that is needed to excel in the sport. He pushes me to my limits and reminds me constantly to never give up. Even though he’s my coach we have developed a friendship throughout our time in training.

Nathanel Rodriguez

The training from Coach Hector of bring it back boxing is amazing. One of the best in colorado. As far as training one on one or in a group the intensity is high and gets me in shape really quick, not many people train like this because they do not have a coach to push them to their limit but coach hector will push you to limits you didnt know you had. I can honestly say ive been in the best shape of my life and couldn’t be happier with the training i get.

Alexis Saenz

“Hector’s training never fails to make us sweat. He is an awesome coach that uses unique workouts to whip us into shape! His training means a lot to me because he has shown me that our bodies can do way more than our minds make us believe we can do. This has made me perform 10x better and it’s made me stronger. Coach is a great trainer. Results will definitely be shown if you listen to everything he tells You to do.”

Melissa Martinez

The training that Hector makes you do is very beneficial for your endurance. Every work out has its purpose and it improves not only your muscle endurance but also your mental toughness. It helps you work on your strength, speed and agility. Every workout is diverse and workouts every part of the body.

Gabe Cerna

My experience with Hector Saez as my coach has been a good and humble experience, he has push me to limits that i did not know i had, he has mentally showed me how tough i really am as a boxer, my boxing record and my accomplishments will tell you how good of a coach he is..I started training with him about 3 1/2 years ago and i haven’t stop¬† learning from him since.. Its something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Jose Arellano